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"267 Simple Tips for Sensational Photos!" was written by David Peterson, the author of "Digital Photography Secrets" and the free photography secrets e-course. Over 60,000 subscribers in more than 20 countries have gained knowledge about photography through these sources.

Here's just a sampling the 267 tips you'll find in
"Simple Tips for Sensational Photos"

  • Want to get super sharp images? We have 10 tips for steadying your camera.. not just the obvious "Use a Tripod"
  • How to store batteries so they last longer
  • A procedure to get a smooth soft-wash effect of breaking waves on a beach
  • 5 tips that help ensure your vacation photos are always better than your next door neighbours
  • 4 tips to help you care for your camera
  • 18 tips for photographing children 
  • 15 tips to better image composition
  • Hands Down - The best lighting location in your house
  • How to prevent your photos looking 'flat'
  • Tips for super-sharp images in dark buildings like churches
  • How to use a flash for outdoor night time scenes; but still capture the background
  • When to use your camera's manual settings - and when not to
  • How to ensure you don't cut yourself out of the shot when using the Self Timer
  • How to take sharp night photos without a flash - even at concerts
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